Job Description:

We are currently hiring Yoga Teachers to teach our standard flow classes. Our model gives deference to individual instructor’s unique styles, strengths, and creativity. Our Standard Flow description provides simply that we will give students opportunities to challenge themselves, open their minds and bodies, and move in curated, creative sequences. We will also have opportunities to teach therapeutic styles of yoga throughout the week. This job requires no company training beyond your existing RYT certifications and life experience, and this is specifically by design. As long as your delivery meets our standard class description, we encourage our teacher’s unique strengths and creativity.

Job Duties:
  • Curate and teach unique and creative 60 minute yoga flow classes that meet 10 West Yoga’s basic class descriptions.
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before class to meet students and answer questions about the upcoming class.
  • Provide playlists that match the style and energy of your classes.
  • Potential for light administrative duties depending on class times, though we will have a dedicated receptionist during our core business hours.
Job Requirements:
  • Minimum RYT200 hour Certification, affirmed through the Yoga Alliance.
  • Personal transportation to and from the studio. We do not reimburse for travel.
  • Ability to commit to your spots on the schedule.
  • Ability to arrive on time.
  • Ability to deliver unique and creative flow experiences. No need to reinvent the wheel every class, but variety is an important part of our business.
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