Welcome to
10 west yoga 

Welcome to
10 west yoga



10 West is more than a yoga studio; it’s a community. We provide a space to learn, to grow, and to find the intersection of your essence and action in an accommodating, inviting space. Come as you are and come knowing that 10 West is as much your home as it is ours. At 10 West, we step outside of our comfort zones while remaining true to ourselves. We invite you to come explore what yoga means to you and build meaningful relationships among a supportive community who shares in that vision.

We are currently hiring Yoga Teachers to teach our standard flow classes. Our model gives deference to individual instructor’s unique styles, strengths, and creativity. Minimum RYT200 hour Certification, affirmed through the Yoga Alliance is a requirement

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Our Space

The 10 West Yoga studio is inspired by the grace and beauty of the Hill Country. Our space encompasses the serenity found when exploring the surrounding woods and resembles the embracing community you encounter as you enter the Leon Springs Area.

Our Instructors

Matt McDonough

Sarah Ely

Gwen Garr

Connie Lozano

Carolina Yanney

Jen Alamia

Yesenia Frade

Toni Hopkins-Garcia

Kylie Finkenstadt

Roque Marez

Amy Cruz

Deb Fuentes


We’re always a call or message away. Just reach out if you have a question or if you’d like to speak with a member of our team.